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Extension Care Guide

Basic care tips, tricks and more

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Daily: in the morning add oil/serum to ends brush thoroughly.

Brush mid day and evening. Loosely braid with silk scrunchie or wrap in silk cap to sleep.

Twice a week: Brush thoroughly and separate rows into clips before getting in the shower. Shampoo and rinse separately. Use Mask ends.

Gently squeeze water out, never rub. Apply leave in heat protectant (Oi Milk) brush with wet brush (Sheila Stotts)

Dry top of wefts.

Proper Brushing & Wash Day Tutorials Below


Using the correct products will extend the life of your extensions and protect your investment

Extension safe product lines: Davines, Kevin Murphy, Goldie Locks and Iles.

You will need: Shampoo, Mask, Leave-In/ Heat protectant, Oil/Serum

I love using Davines!

Nou Nou Shampoo

NouNou Mask

Oil Milk

Oi Oil

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Brush hair thoroughly multiple times a day. With your free hand keep pressure on the base of your extensions to eliminate unnecessary tension and pulling. Avoid raking over the top of the wefts too hard.

After showering, use a wet brush, (Shelia Stott's or similar) specifically made for extensions. Working from ends up to the scalp while holding top of the wefts.

DO NOT use brush when drying until 90% dry

Proper Brushing Tutorial Below


When blow-drying, separate rows with clips. Use hands to assist in rough dry. Pointing nozzle down the hair, never at or up the hair. Concentrating on drying the top of the wefts completely and the rest of the hair 90-95% before brushing.

Brush thoroughly to detangle before picking up round brush. Round brush to smooth.

To curl: a 1 inch Mint long barrel is amazing! Never set temp over 350 Degrees!

Styling Tutorials Below

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When working out

Swimming, Beach, Boating

More Tips

Careful with purses and bag straps when placing them on your shoulder, make sure you don't pull the extensions.

Avoid Sunscreen with Avobenzone!!! This active ingredient turns your hair peach. Blue Lizard and Tropic Sport are my favorite extension safe mineral sunscreens.

If using dry shampoo, make sure its water soluble and apply only to your natural hair, avoid extensions. My favorite is Davines Hair Refresher.

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