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Young romantic woman with blonde curly hair on the beach, calm and relaxing concept, Bodru

Signature Color Services


Beach Waves

Full Specialty Color
Usually only needed 1-2 times a year everything from the nape of your neck to the frame of your face is transformed.

Although the service says "blonding" these techniques are used to enhance brunettes as well!
Happy Smiling Woman on a Pier in the Morning Before Background of  Blue Sea and Mountains_

Salty Mane

Partial Specialty Color
Maintenance appointment to refresh your beautiful look and enhance the glow of your hair.
Beautiful lonely girl dreaming and thinking while waiting for date in the city ocean pier


Face Framing
Maintenance appointment used to refresh or create a pop of color around your face and enhance the glow of your hair.

Signature Color Services
include all lived-in coloring techniques, root smudge & gloss

You choose how to finish your session:

Blowout with Waves $60 -or- Custom Cut & Blowout with Waves $80

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